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Sept 23rd/2017

September 23, 2016


CFI Canada’s mission is to provide education and training to the public in the application of skeptical, secular, rational and humanistic inquiry through conferences, symposia, lectures, published works and the maintenance of a library.

Giant ark planned for Bible-based theme park near Moose Jaw, Sask. A cemetery south of Moose Jaw, Sask., has been approved as the future home of a theme park complete with full-sized replicas of biblical structures from a tabernacle to Noah’s ark.

After death threats in Bangladesh, Abir continues to fight for free expression from Canada; Author and blogger Raihan Abir will receive the PEN Canada/Ken Filkow Prize at the PEN Canada benefit at the International Festival of Authors, October 22.

Sask. priest still in active ministry despite sexual assault charge. Father Javier Cortazar is still conducting services in Pierceland, Goodsoil and Loon Lake.

Consulting Canadians on the Regulation of Self-Care Products in CanadaHealth Canada is examining new approaches to the regulation of self-care products (i.e., cosmetics, natural health products and non-prescription drugs), including refocusing the approval of health claims to those based on scientific proof.  A new approach will continue to allow for a wide range of products to be available for Canadian consumers, while, at the same time, taking a more consistent approach to the oversight of self-care products that will ultimately better support consumers’ ability to make an informed decision.

-You may not know it, but Sept. 19-25 is Science Literacy Week in Canada. And it seems that’s not all we don’t know about science. To mark the week comes a new survey looking at just how “science literate” Canadians are — which seems to suggest there are some pretty big gaps in our understanding. It reveals what the Ontario Science Centre calls “significant gaps” in our understanding of issues like climate change, vaccinations and genetically modified organisms.

Naturopaths are not doctors: stop legitimizing pseudoscience; This petition has expanded to include Canada, where naturopaths are also aggressively lobbying for licensure in all provinces and inclusion in healthcare programs. In Canada and the U.S., naturopathic education is shared across the border via a common accrediting agency, the Council on Naturopathic Medical Education (see below). Thus, a naturopath who graduates from Bastyr in Washington state can then become licensed in Ontatio.

‘I’m a Person, and I Deserve More’: What It’s Like to Escape a Polygamous Cult; In Utah, members of the Kingston Clan blend into contemporary society—but the Mormon group openly practices polygamy and incest and exploits its members financially. We spoke to former members to uncover what it’s like to grow up in the religious sect, and what it’s like to escape.

It’s bad news for organized religion: A majority of the religiously unaffiliated — the so-called “nones” — say they fell away from faith not because of any negative experience, but because they “stopped believing,” usually before the age of 30.

Upcoming Events

Every Saturday, the Humanist Association of Toronto (HAT) meets to discuss a topic decided upon the previous week. These are topics of Humanist interest, from a Humanist perspective. Meet our diverse group, trade perspectives in a free and open forum and learn from others as they learn from you! Feel free to join the discussion late and come to lunch if that suits your availability better Time slot: 11 am – 1 pm every Saturday Address: 519 Church St. Community Center

Did you know the best place to find out about CFI Calgary events is on It’s free to join and you will never miss hearing about a local Calgary event. Join over 1000 Calgarians who use Meetup to hear about, RSVP and comment on our events.


          Let us know if you have an activity you’d like to share!

Nobody joins a cult. You join a self-help group, a religious movement, a political organization. They change so gradually, by the time you realize you’re entrapped – and almost everybody does – you can’t figure a safe way back out.
– Deborah Layton, survivor of Jim Jones’ Peoples Temple cult

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I cannot stress often enough that what science is all about is not proving things to be true but proving them to be false- Lawrence M. Krauss

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