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Feb 19th/2016

February 19, 2016


CFI Canada’s mission is to provide education and training to the public in the application of skeptical, secular, rational and humanistic inquiry through conferences, symposia, lectures, published works and the maintenance of a library.

CFI Canada is proud to work with the Mukto Mona (Bangladeshi Freethinking) website to present the first Avijit Roy Day in Honour of Murdered Atheist writers, publishers and activists.  February 26, 2016 marks the passing of one year since the murder of Avijit Roy  and the brutal injury of Rafida Ahmed

Time: 7.00 PM to 9.00 PM

Venue: Albert Campbell Auditorium (Toronto Public Library)

Address: 496 Birchmount Road, Toronto, ON, M1K 1N8

Front Page

According to a provision added to the Education Act in the 1980s, any student qualified to attend a public high school cannot be required to take religious courses. Public boards accept all students. But some Catholic schools are finding loopholes and making it more difficult or outright denying exemptions, earlier complaints to school boards indicate.

Centre for Inquiry Canada, Christian and non-Christian Saskatchewan residents (and other concerned parties) are petitioning the Saskatchewan Government to end:

        1.Opening prayer in the legislature.

        2. Christmas messages delivered by Premier Brad Wall on behalf of the Saskatchewan Party that identify Christianity as superior to other beliefs and non-belief.

The full list of charges brought against against the group include blasphemy; advertising against the system; forming and running an illegal band and record label “in the satanic metal & rock music style”; writing anti-religious, atheist, political and anarchistic lyrics; and conducting interviews with “forbidden” foreign radio stations.

An aid worker whose rescue of an emaciated two-year-old boy made headlines around the world has spoken about how she gave up everything in Denmark to help “the witch children of Nigeria”.


Upcoming Events

Free Will: What does it mean? Does it exist? What difference does it make? Join Jerry Coyne for this informal small group discussion – attendance is limited to 30 people.

Did you know the best place to find out about CFI Calgary events is on It’s free to join and you will never miss hearing about a local Calgary event. Join over 1000 Calgarians who use Meetup to hear about, RSVP and comment on our events.


          Let us know if you have an activity you’d like to share!

Faith-Based Violence and Bigotry

CFIC continues to monitor, document and condemn faith based violence and bigotry around the world.

Science, Medicine, and Ethics News

Wishful Thinking and Superstition/Religion


Calendar of upcoming scientific conferences




Karla’s Atheist Breast Cancer Support Facebook group is now available. It’s private so you have to ask to join. Say you are an atheist with breast cancer and Karla will approve your request.


Online Tools for Skeptical Fact Checking


Do whatever it takes to avoid fooling yourself into thinking something is true that is not, or that something is not true that is.- Neil deGrasse Tyson

Critical Links is published every Tuesday And Friday

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