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Critical Links 2015/06/16 CFIC News and Updates

June 16, 2015


CFI Canada’s mission is to provide education and training to the public in the application of skeptical, secular, rational and humanistic inquiry through conferences, symposia, lectures, published works and the maintenance of a library.

Events, News and Updates

  • June 10, 2015: CFIC Toronto will host author Jerry Coyne in support of his latest book: Faith vs. Fact: Why Science and Religion are Incompatible was a terrific success; over 150 people came out.  Thanks to the team of CFIC volunteers who pulled this together!  Watch for Jerry’s interview with TVO’s The Agenda!
  • June 11-15: CFI Canada attends the CFI (US) Reason for Change conference in Amherst New York!
  • June 22: CFIC finalizing details of a talk with Tony Ortega (author of The Unbreakable Miss Lovely) on Scientology!
  • Get a CFIC Ballcap!  We have a limited quantity of ballcaps for sale.  With summer vacations coming up, they make a terrific way to keep the sun off and include a bit of skepticism in your travels! For more details email:

CFIC Ballcaps

  • June 2015:  CFIC grows past 500 members! Thanks to all the new and renewing members for pushing CFIC past 500 members!   We are thrilled to see the commitment and renewal of Canada’ largest and fastest growing national skeptic/secularist community!
  • June 25: Okanagan Branch Hosts Ask An Atheist (panel discussion)
  • July 20: Okanagan Branch Hosts How Does the Creative Process Work? (talk)

Friends and Members in the Community

CFIC has some of the most interesting and active, creative and engaged people in the community!  Here are some of the activities of our friends and members.

  • A long-time friend of CFI Canada, Chris DiCarlo participated in The Zoomer’s (with Conrad Black) discussion regarding the decline of Christianity – airing begin June 15th at 9:00pm (also available on their website).

Let us know if you have an activity you’d like to share!

Blasphemy News, Observations in Canada and the World

Faith-Based Violence and Bigotry

CFIC continues to monitor, document and condemn faith based violence and bigotry around the world.

Science and Ethics News

Major announcements of advances in science should be greeted with skepticism and verification.  Following are several recent science announcements which reached our attention.  Are they Extraordinary Claims with Extraordinary Evidence?

  • In Michigan, a donation in support of medical ethics lectures!
  • Can Aristotelian Ethics help you be a better tweeter?
  • A child’s rights to healthcare – an ethical discussion of significant importance to those concerned with the influence of religion in healthcare.
  • Do CBC Journalists need to clean up their acts?
  • Water is a critical resource for Canadian, indeed global economies; CFIC members have been talking about water as it relates to our mission and mandate.  Do we need to know more about the ethics of water from farming to first nations?
  • Interested in Social research ethics; here is a checklist to consider

The Harms of Superstition  

  • CFI Canada has been monitoring and reporting on attacks on people with albinism in Africa; these attacks are the horrible results of out-of-control superstition;  people with albinism should be recognized as people – not as mystical beings.  The tendency to set people with albinism apart isn’t isolated to Africa – here is a story of people with albinism in Panama and another example of how people with albinism are frequently (if not quite universally) perceived as holding supernatural qualities.  Humanizing people with albinism is an important issue in the fight against superstition.
  • In June 2015, nudists were accused of causing an earth-quake on a mountain in Malaysia; how far can superstition and demands for cultural and religious respect go?

Skeptics and Humanists Aid and Relief Effort (SHARE)share_logo_big

In response to the outpouring of concern expressed by members and volunteers of CFI Canada over the earthquake in Nepal (May 2015), we have launched the Skeptics and Humanists Aid and Relief Effort (SHARE).   The SHARE fund was initially developed by CFI (US) as a service for their donors who wished to give to disaster relief in a way that is consistent with their ethics and standards; in Canada, the SHARE model is a service to CFIC members and donors who wish to give to disaster recovery initiatives through secular charities.  CFIC will provide a tax receipt to donors and pass 100% of donations to a secular disaster recovery charity partner.  Donor names and details will not be shared with other organizations (unless explicitly requested by the donor).  Giving to assist during disasters should respect your ethics and reach the vulnerable.  We can help.

Please support the Centre For Inquiry Canada by joining as a member or donating today

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