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Extraordinary Claims Wins Best Atheist Ad 2011!

June 16, 2011

  CFI’s Extraordinary Claims Campaign Wins’s Best Atheist Ad 2011 Award! 

The other nominees were:

Millions of Americans are Good Without God.

There’s probably no God, now stop worrying and get on with your life

You Know It’s a Myth, They’re All Scams

Some kind words from the host of the site:

Readers picked “Extraordinary Claims Require Extraordinary Evidence”
from the Centre for Inquiry Canada as the Best Atheist Ad of 2010.
There were a lot of good nominees for Best Atheist Ad and all of the
finalists were exceptional, so it couldn’t have been an easy vote.
It’s hard to deny though that “Extraordinary Claims Require
Extraordinary Evidence” is a good pick and there are a couple of
important qualities that make it stand out from the crowd.

For one thing, it represents something more than just printed ads
because there are also educational events behind the slogan. Second,
this is not just an “atheist” ad because it references a slew of
“extraordinary claims.” Listed on the ads are a variety of gods
(Allah, Thor, Zeus) a variety of religious beliefs (creationism,
witches, rapture) as well as paranormal beliefs (acupuncture, bigfoot,
UFOs). This not only places atheist disbelief in the popular Christian
god within the context of disbelief in gods generally but also within
a broader attitude of skepticism and critical thinking.

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