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September 21, 2010

The Claim

There are many types of medium but the one most commonly referenced are psychic mediums. Mediums claim to be able to facilitate communication with spirits of the dead, angels, demons or other immaterial entities, and share these experiences with non-mediums. The communication may occur in various forms such as direct speech, channelling, automated writing, Ouija boards and others.

The Evidence

People who seek out mediums often do so because they are in an emotional state, such as following the loss of a loved one. A medium will typically attempt to contact the spirit of the dead person. People who visit mediums often feel they reached contact with the lost one. But mediums will use a variety of entirely natural techniques to evoke this belief, such as the technique of cold reading which is composed of non-specific, generalized statements that are often vague enough that they might apply to a variety of people in several different circumstances.

Many Mediums claim they will be able to help their clients reach closure in their grieving process. Sadly the opposite is more often true. The client often becomes dependent on the Medium, a fact that many Mediums use to their advantage while they continue to charge for each session.


Beyond anecdotal reports and impressions, there is no hard evidence to support the claims of Mediums. It is one of the cruelest types of charlatanism, taking advantage of people in extremely vulnerable states, and giving them the false hope of communicating with loved ones beyond the grave. It often produces a prolonged grieving period and in many cases even prevents closure.


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  1. laurjim permalink
    May 11, 2012 10:07 PM

    I disagree strongly that some mediums do not or can not make contact not only with the Spirits of peoples loved ones that passed over ,but also with the Spirits of people Angels as well as Ascended Masters …..I wonder if you who posted this started meditating as another means to find the truth , started healing from within within, become more open minded &allowed your awareness to expand …you could have an experience that could change your opinion of mediums ….I do agree like some that live in our world take advantage of good people in many different ways do fake mediums looking to make a quick dollar .I do find this disturbing and very sad…I believe a true medium can bring healing to many grieving peoples hearts, bring comfort & peace to their troubled& worried minds , which help them move on to a healthier state of mind .I feel this is truly wonderful. I have been blessed with messages from many of my loved ones throughout the years and am very thankful to the mediums that made this possible 🙂 I once looked up the meaning of psychic (in the dictionary ) and read “the ability to discern the truth ” ..Bless you & your family as well as a wish of the very best of life’s everything for you & yours 🙂

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