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September 21, 2010

The Claim

Gnomes are claimed to be stout diminutive creatures, reluctant to interact with humans. They are frequently associated with mines and the earth. They are also said to move as easily through the earth as humans move through air.

The Evidence

The origin of the term gnome has a clear and single beginning in the writings of Paracelsus during the 15th century. The claims for gnomes are in many cases similar to claims of other “little people”, such as elves and fairies, and also similar are the relatively high instances of photo hoaxes presented over the years for gnomes.

There have also been some recent video evidence claimed to be of a gnome terrorizing a town in South America, but it’s authenticity has been resounding discredited.


Gnomes are nothing more than a fictional character introduced into mythology in the 15th century by a single man, and subsequently brought into the psyche of populations by storytelling.

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