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About the Campaign

The Centre for Inquiry Canada‘s Extraordinary Claims Campaign will feature bus ads, educational events and online discussions to challenge well-known and widely believed claims by demanding evidence as extraordinary as the claims themselves.

Why is belief in Bigfoot dismissed as delusional while belief in Allah and Christ is respected
and revered? All of these claims are equally extraordinary and demand critical examination.
At CFI Canada we challenge ideas and ask tough questions to promote reason, science,
secularism and freedom of inquiry.


Pending adequate financial support from individuals like yourself, we intend to run the two ads
featured on this page on public transit:

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Please note: This site is an ongoing project. We are still adding entries for new Extraordinary Claims, so continue to check back if your claim isn’t yet posted, or the entry of a claim on the site hasn’t been completed. The entry for each Extraordinary Claim is purposefully brief. We seek to encourage community participation, as the path of scientific discovery is a group effort. Please post a comment following any of the Extraordinary Claim entries and/or contact us with suggestions and ideas!


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